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Newcastle insight meditation group meetings

    • Meditation with Jill Shepherd, Buddhist Meditation Teacher during her March 2019 visit to Newcastle
    • March 2019 :Monday 4th to Friday 8th and Monday 12th to     Friday 15th
    • 21 Elizabeth Street, Tighes Hill
    • 7:30 – 8:00 am , 30 min sitting practice, Q&A
    • stay for a cuppa afterwards
    • Dana (donation) welcome
    • Ongoing Thursday evenings
    • 21 Elizabeth Street, Tighes Hill
    • 7:00 – 7:30 pm: 30 min sitting practice
    • 7:30 – 8:30 pm: optional insight meditation study group (see more info below)

Thursday evening group meditation and on-going study group

Following a thirty-minute sitting practice there will be an optional opportunity to participate in an one hour insight meditation discussion group. It will be a discussion about a chosen online dhamma talk. Example of talks we have already covered are Gil Fronsdal’s Insight Meditation for Beginners and Jill Shepherd’s Noble Eightfold Path

NB You don’t need attend each session, however it would be beneficial to have or aspire to have a regular meditation practice

  • All welcome

Everyone is welcome … whether you have attended any of Jill’s workshops over the last three years and are keen to join other people for meditation practice, or you have insight meditation retreat experience with other teachers, or even if you practice a different meditation technique but are curious to learn more about insight meditation.

  • Dana (by donation) opportunity 

Dana is collected by the group and given to our teacher Jill Shepherd (Insight Meditation Teacher) who visits Newcastle on a yealy basis.

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